Focussed career fortitude

Representing the world’s leading doctors, scientists and engineers is not a task we take lightly. Employment markets worldwide have witnessed the rise of recruiting practices that, over, time have become more centered upon a methodology that prioritises movement over all else. It is within the move, be it good or bad, that the majority of the recruitment industry thrives.

Despite what you may think, being headhunted no longer means you are actually good enough. It simply means there are parties that stand to benefit from relocating you.

At Parker Collins we believe that those who have the power to influence you into making such critical decisions should do so with a great deal of responsibility.

At Parker Collins we critically evaluate the mobility of our candidates upon a criteria that is solely focussed upon the long-term incremental fortification of their career.


We’re not here simply to assist you in the right move for now; we’re here throughout the entirety of your career to ensure you win the game.