Inimitable researching capacity

Our organisation's primary concern is the gathering of intelligence. It is within this capacity that we excel. How we then apply the knowledge acquired is through the creation of uniquely constructed multi-dimensional models of healthcare and oil and gas sectors. Our modelling is formed around a powerful analysis of a varied degree of factors, such as global trends, investment flows, policy implementations, economic predictions, company performances and new resource disclosures. Through using this uniquely created analytical environment, we have developed a reputation in formulating considerably accurate predictions that work to benefit our people, and the organisations within which we place them.

A large proportion of our prowess lies in the continuing affiliations our consultants retain with the world’s leading academic institutes; within which they began their researching career. Our people have co-authored and continue to collaborate on notable published research projects examining a diverse range of healthcare and energy related areas such as emerging markets in renewables in the Far East, and corporate governance practicalities within both healthcare and energy organisations.

As the Parker Collins Institute further develops its’ reputation as an industry think tank, our commercial operations lead the field in personnel procurement. In the commercial sector our intensive research-driven approach has set us apart from traditional operatives. Our distinctive procedures have been instrumental in the development of an extensive working archive of over 140,000 doctors, scientists and engineers of diverse discipline and project experience.

Together, with this vast information resource, we aim to use our expansive industry knowledge, distinctly embedded presence, carefully fostered networks and inimitable researching capacity to assist both our Clients and candidates with every aspect of their recruitment requirements.