At Parker Collins we believe that the capacity for insightful decision-making is the cornerstone in the creation of competitive advantage. Our executive search division focuses upon developing this advantage through the discovery, evaluation and positioning of the world’s leading doctors, scientists and engineers within healthcare and the oil and gas industry.


On the face of it, our executive search operations appear typical, however, those that have not worked with us prior, usually learn that having Parker Collins as a partner is indeed distinct.


Meticulous methodology

From the moment we first meet, our consultants will begin with a characteristic desire to undertake the task with meticulous attention to detail. We begin with a comprehensive discussion of the core issues the placement will resolve, and the fundamental requirements of the role. Our consultants will then identify the optimal choice of candidate based upon criteria, which includes identification of particular behavioral characteristics, an analytical assessment of professional challenges and a critical review of skills and competencies necessary in becoming successful in the potential position.

We actively and methodically endeavour to find the best person for an organisation, and the best organisation for our people, rather than simply fulfilling a job specification. It is within this aspect that our consultants display a high level of awareness. In house, we select our trainee consultants from the leading UK Russell Group universities.

All of our consultants are chosen on the basis of their outstanding interpersonal skills and their exceptional researching ability, proven in a particular academic field. This is reflected in the quality of our collaborations and in the research we carry out on behalf of both our clients and our candidates in finding their pareto-optimal fit.

At Parker Collins, our entire philosophy focuses upon our consultants remaining thoroughly immersed within their specialist sector throughout their career, allowing them to develop real authoritative expertise and exceptional situational awareness within their respective fields. This simply means we don’t ever have to oversell, we don’t over-promise; we simply deliver.