Geosciences: Geophysics/Geology

Our geoscience professionals are qualified, experienced in, and have working knowledge of:

      • 2D and 3D seismic interpretation (qualitative and quantitative)
      • Exploration prospect analysis and reservoir development studies
      • Input to planning of geophysical surveys
      • Design of geophysical surveys
      • Attribute analysis
      • AVO analysis
      • Interpretation software and 3D visualization software
      • Sequence stratigraphy
      • Advanced volume interpretation techniques
      • Liasing with Government bodies
      • Leadership and management of a number of multi-disciplinary teams



Our geologically trained professionals are qualified, experienced in and have working knowledge of:

      • Interpretation of sedimentology, biostratigraphy, petrophysics and geochemistry data
      • Subsurface evaluation
      • On-site technical evaluation
      • Basin and play analysis
      • Volumetrics/risking
      • The use of industry software such as;Landmark Interpretation suite, Petrel, 3D Visualization (GeoProbe), ArcGIS, MS Office, and mapping software
      • Well planning and operations – support for drilling and geosteering