Exceptional situational Awareness

At Parker Collins we collaborate closely with our industry partners by observantly working within their boundaries to promote their corporate agenda, always aiming to integrate efficiently, amicably, and faultlessly within their internal departments.

Cultural fit, in our opinion, is somewhat of a timeworn term within recruitment, often pertaining to a simplified screening method that centres more upon the promotion of a candidate rather than any actual systematic research-based feasibility process. Our dedicated consultants, however, will take time to examine and decipher a significant number of organisational, technical and cultural details which may impact a given role, and then apply this specific analysis to individualise our method of delivery.

In other words, we actively and methodically endeavour to find the best person for an organisation and the best organisation for our people, rather than simply fulfilling a job specification. It is within this aspect that our consultants display a high level of awareness.

In house, we select our trainee consultants from the leading UK Russell Group universities. All of our consultants are chosen on the basis of their outstanding interpersonal skills and their exceptional researching ability, proven in a particular academic field. This is reflected in the quality of our collaborations and in the research we carry out on behalf of both our Clients and our candidates in finding them their pareto-optimal fit.

At Parker Collins, our entire philosophy centres upon our consultants remaining thoroughly focussed on their specialist sector throughout their career, allowing them to develop real authoritative expertise and exceptional situational awareness within their respective fields.